Board Of Directors


Chief Executive Officer - Visionary President “Doc Ed” is a Doctor of Medicine graduate of Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila. A medical doctor turned entrepreneur. Upon serving as a company physician of a well-known medical health provider and practicing medicine in several reputable hospitals in the Philippines, Doc Ed engaged in the network marketing business. He then joined several networking companies and became highly successful before instituting Alliance In Motion Global, Inc. in 2005. His remarkable achievements in the MLM business and his experience as a servant leader molded him into the noble man that he is today. He was awarded as among the Philippines’ 10 Most Outstanding Entrepreneurs of 2010 by the Entrepreneurs Magazine Philippines and recognized by the Multi-Level Marketing International Association (MLMIA) as among the Best of the Best in the industry. “Doc Ed” is also a Vision of Excellence awardee during the Asian Networkers Convention and Expo (ANCE) in 2014.


Chief Marketing Officer - Mr. Excitement - Mr. Asperin is a BS Physical Therapy degree holder. Having the attitude of not letting a single opportunity slip away from his hands, he ventured into the networking business while still studying. He believes that the future depends on the decisions we make today because life is not a matter of “chance,” but a matter of “choice.” His jolly and creative spirit in promoting the company and its products made him known as “Mr. Excitement.” An accomplished businessman as he is, Mr. Asperin is an extraordinary achiever in the networking business and travels all over the country and abroad to share his history of success and equips leaders and members in pursuing their networking careers.


Chief Finance Officer - Mentor of All Mentors - Mr. Miguel acquired his Computer Engineering degree from Adamson University and was hired by a leading telecommunications company right after he graduated. Shortly thereafter, he then started his network marketing career, which flourished exceedingly. He is greatly considered as one of the pioneer networkers that has mentored famous personalities in the industry, hence the title “Mentor of All Mentors.” Moreover, under his guidance, he has created millionaires that have become icons in the MLM business. He was also recognized as one of the Most Outstanding Businessmen in his hometown, Bulacan and awarded as Alumni of the Year 2015 of his alma mater.